Friday, September 2, 2011

Stylish Varieties in Evening Gowns

Long flowing women dress usually worn by women in formal affair is known as evening gown. Evening gown is usually made up of luxury fabric such as chiffon, velvet, satin, and silk.

There are different types of evening gowns:

Strapless evening gown: A strapless evening gown is an evening gown that exposes the shoulder or has no shoulders.

Halter neck gown: Halter neck is a type of a gown which holds up the cloth with single straps or materials which run from the front and make a nod at the back and which leave the back of the dress uncovered.

One shoulder gown: The gown which had one shoulder and the other side of the shoulder is kept uncovered.

Dropped waist: The dropped waist line gown is placed at a hip instead of the natural waist.

Mermaid evening gowns: The mermaid evening gown is the curve hugging dress which emphasizes a feminine body.

Plunging neck gown: The plunging neck gown means the gown which had broader or deep neckline.

Floor touching evening gown: A gown which had full length that touches the floor is full length gown.

Long sleeves evening gown: The gown which has full sleeves.You can chose an evening gown as per to your requirement of the place where you are visiting and the theme of the party.

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