Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Plethora of Waistline Styles For Different Dresses

Dresses have been invented for ladies who want to look graceful and elegant. That’s exactly what dresses do. They look really elegant and sophisticated. It also looks feminine. So any girl who has looked sporty her whole life can also look feminine and charming in any kind of dress. Dresses however have different waistlines. They don’t suit everybody. It depends on body to body. Here are a few types
The empire waist dress is tight till the waist and loose thereafter. The maxi dress and A-line dress has an empire waistline. It suits every lady because the skirt is loose and flared up. The waistline of a dress decides the fitting of the same. Natural waistline is a dress that has a waistline at the normal place. Where as a Basque waistline is below the waist but it usually forms a u or a v. A dropped waist dress has a waistline that is dropped much below the waist. Any dress would be perfectly if you know your body really well.
Ball gowns, evening gowns or even A-line dresses have different waistlines. And one can pick any of them as per your comfort. Waistlines do make a huge difference to the look of the dress. See some waistline patterns below. 

Basque waistline wedding dress

Empire waist dress

Dropped waist dress

Natural waistline dress

Asymmetric waistline dress

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