Thursday, September 15, 2011

Box keeps heart beating, is of the body

Researchers of the hospital of the University of California (Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center), in U.S.A., had constructed a machine capable to outside keep the heart beating of the human body. Thus, the agency can be still more active time to the wait of the cardiac transplant.

Until the moment, the agencies livings creature were carried from the givers to the patients embedded in the ice in coolants to keep them cool. However, this method alone functions for about six hours, reason for which helicopters, airplanes and ambulances are used to speed up the transport for the country.

Now, a transparent plastic box makes the service. The Organ Care System (OCS) - developed by the TransMedics company - aconchega the heart in the ideal temperature and all supplies it blood, oxygen and nutrients to it necessary to continue beating with security. A connected monitor sample still as the agency is functioning during the transport.

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