Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Watch First Arabic Music Video In Sign Language

The honor of coming up with the first Arabic music video that uses a Sign Language goes to the always fresh Egyptian band Black Theama. This bad of three buddies who have been chosen by the young people of Egypt as the most popular band in the post Mubarak world.

The Band toured all those Egyptian cities and performed sold out back to back shows Their music keeps on getting more creative, just when you thought they have gotten as good as it gets then you learn, these guys are still hot.

The title of the song is the Arabic word for "Free" Hor! And it sort of talks about all the freedom without getting political. It will for sure empower the people who suffer disabilities. The song will be well received by many as creative, but for those who need it the most, it will be essential.

Black Theama Promo Hor (Signs Language) | بلاك تيما برومو حر بلغة الإشارة

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