Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Guy Can Sing, But Can He Act?

Ahmad Saad is Egypt's top young voice for melodramatic songs that go in movies and TV shows. His strong yet tender spirit serve him very well. After doing songs for half a dozen movies and becoming a household name in that country. He is getting into doing something else, acting.

A TV drama that was meant to be about young students and their struggle to make a life in Egypt. Ahmad has joined an ensemble of young talented actors and actress in this TV drama airing this Ramadan. This would be the first acting role he has. While the show had some troubles as the cast had some getting along dramas and some have accused it of cashing in the revolution in Egypt.

I have yet to read anything about Ahmad's performance, but we can all watch the opening song for the TV drama voiced also by Ahmad Saad.

احمد سعد - مسلسل احنا الطلبة / تتر البداية - رمضان

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