Sunday, August 7, 2011

RIP Hassan Al Asmar Last Prayer Released

Sha'abi "Folks" singer Hassan Al Asmar has passed away few days ago. His legacy will be with us for some time. His songs are hard to erase from our memory as they have been all over the place, lampooned too. But when he is not making folksy music, Hassan was recording prayers to be aired this Ramadan.

Here's his last. This one is a very touching not becasue of the sad voice Hasa has been able to muster, but becasue he is pleading with God to allow him into heaven. This one really will do a lot more than most of his songs. He passed away but his last words will speak for him and hope his soul is now in a better place

دعاء حسن الاسمر - يارب اوعدنى بالجنة

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