Friday, August 5, 2011

Rest In Peace Hassan Al Asmar

The king of Egyptian blues, and king of those early Sha'abi hits that were popular with the poor as well as the rich Hassan Al Asmar, has passed away at age 52 due to heart stroke that ended his career. His family has taken his body to the hospital as it awaits the burial ceremony. As a body mark he is know for that dark spot on his forehead.

Hassan Al Asmar was planning a comeback this, his latest work was a new mawal song that was used in an ad for cell phone service company. Hassan appeared in the ad and he was looking at his best. This sudden death of this popular Egyptian singer that has a soft spot for sad melodies took many by surprise.

Hassa had an acting career in TV dramas and movies that met some success. His biggest his song came in the late 90s Kitab Hayaty Ya Ain, "Pity The Book of My Life", a sad song about a life wasted full of pain. A classic that has been played in dozens of movies and has also been lampooned.

Hasson was born in Cairo, but he traced his roots to Southern Egypt and he aligned himself with the poor working class as he saw himself one of them, and he sang with them on mind.

حسن الاسمر - اعلان موبيبنل الجديد - اسمع بقى يا سيدى

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