Friday, August 5, 2011

Religion, Patriotism and Ramadan

Again, the Mesaharaty is the person who wakes up people late at night to have their meal before the start a day of fasting. But this year, another major thing happened across the Arab world and in Egypt particularity, the voices of the people woke up everyone in the country and the world.

Check out this clip of two songs by Samer Abdel Shafy and Medhat Saleh where they draw this analogy between the two things. This is a very smart take on the current political situation that also connects with the old tradition. Those two singers are not the alone one to find the connection. Ali Hajjar used the concept for his salute the revolution album cover.

You have Medhat Saleh, the most recognizable Egyptian voice that reminds of joy and excitement, then Samer whose soft voice and passion make the case for Tahrir Square. This is something I really like. This Ramadan in Egypt is unlike any other.

- EL Tahrer - samer abdel shafy - مسحراتي الثورة - سامر عبد الشاف

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