Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Randa Hafiz Seeks Guidance

Randa Hafiz knows those love song very well, her pop persona makes it look easy, but this time she is not going for that look nor the persona. This time she is contemplating asking for guidance in this holy month.

Dare I to suggest that's this is a really good song that serves its purpose and serves it well? Again this is about a servant who is being most humble asking for guidance fro the sky above. This is a surprise hit from Randa who is

Egyptian TV newsroom and radios are carrying this track allowing more people to enjoy this one minute and 57 seconds of awesomeness.

راندا , بطلب الهدايا - Randa , Batlob Elhedaya

لجأت يارب ليك وأنا بطلب الهداية.. ما أنا بتكل عليك في سعادتي وفي شقايا.. وأنا بسجد بالاقيك وبتسمع صوت دعايا.. الوحدانية ليك والحب فيك غاية.. سلمت القلب ليك والأمر بين إيديك... يارب كل حي لكل ولكل حي آية.. والكل رايح جاي عندك في النهاية، لجأت يارب ليك وأنا بطلب الهداية.

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