Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadan TV Dramas In The Gulf

While most Arabs tune in to Egyptian and Syrian produced Ramadan TV dramas and comedies, there will be a block of Arab countries that has its own shows. those shows are often well produced and have a bigger budget, but they are made for local consumption.

Take for example the Arab Gulf, they have a large pool of talent, and a dozen of TV networks. But they want shows that talk about issues people in this region face. Using their own dialect and their own people. This is not new, the shows made in the Arab gulf are often made just for the countries that produces them.

It's unlikely for an Arab living in morocco to tune in to those shows. I have assembled a round up of those shows where the theme songs are often performed by an A list Arab singer. While those shows hire local actors, they have no problem hiring a singer from Iraq, Lebanon or Morocco to do the theme song.

ماجد المهندس - مسلسل شوية امل / رمضان

ديانا حداد - مسلسل الدخيلة / رمضان

اسماء المنور - مسلسل علمني كيف انساك / رمضان

ماجد المهندس - مسلسل وجع الانتصار / رمضان

تتر مسلسل كريمة - فاتن هلال بك / رمضان

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