Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadan Shows That Will Ruin Your Fasting

There are a lot of great Ramadan shows this year, every year we have those shows that kill the spirit of Ramadan with their use of sex, and adult dialogue. This year is no different. Take for example Samarah with Ghada Abdel Razik, it's all about sex and prostitution.

Keed El Nissa is another, where overweight Egyptian actress duke it out as the fight for the one man they are married too. Poor taste is all over the place in this one and a lot of tasteless fashion.

Seriously, the makers of those shows ought to think again about the purpose of those shows during the month of fasting. People ought to chose for themselves and and not watch those shows. There are many other good ones that entertain you and some that will uplift your soul, but it's not worth is to be fasting and get those people to take away the reward.

نانسي عجرم - سمارة / تتر البداية - رمضان 2011

وائل جسار - كيد النسا / تتر النهاية - رمضان 2011

‫دينا حايك - أصعب شعور أغنية مسلسل العشق الحرام

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