Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poet Kareem Al Iraqi, The Man Behind The Hits

If you were impressed by an Iraqi song in the past 20 years, then chances are it was c rafted by the mighty poet of Baghdad, Kareem Al Iraqi. All your Iraqi favorites have sang his lyrics and many more wish to collaborate with him, but to his credit, he only gives his all Iraqi lyrics to the best of the best.

Latest pop singer to sing his work was Shatha Hassoun, the starlet of Iraqi and Arabic pop, lady that can sing pretty much any song and hit all those notes a song may require. Majid Al Mohandis, Katehm Al Saher, Saber Al Rebaei, have all performed his songs and carried the local Iraqi songs to new frontiers.

Kareem seems to favor Kathem Al Saher as his lyrics always find their way to this iconic Iraqi singer who packs talent in music, singing and lyrics. Kareem Al Iraqi's philosophy is that a poet who writes lyrics has a mission which is to spread optimism and hope while communicating the message of the little guy and injustice.

he is currently working on an Iraqi play, a children album, a poem publication, so he has a busy life. His style of music sometimes picks the artists and sometimes the artist finds him, in all cases he is always doing the writing. Kareem also likes to see his songs filmed in music video which helps get the word out. that's one of the reasons his collaboration with Majid Al Monhadis is rare. Majid has yet to film a song whose lyrics come from Kareem's.

On the other hand, Kathem Al Saher has sang an impressive 100 song of Kareem's, and filmed about 10 of those. Out of those 10 filmed music videos, his least favorite is Madinat Al Hob, Baghdad City of Love. He is not a fan of that clip. He is also not entirely happy with the filming of Sha'alha, a song that Shatha Hassoun filmed recently.

Kareem Al Iraqi is most proud of his poems that has been turned into official Iraqi state stamps. He has four of them. An Iraqi singer that Kareem has tried to collaborate with, but has yet to see something significant materialize is Rida Al Abdallah.

This is a song that made it big in 2009 and told us that Kathem can have a hit and that hit does not have to be the works of the beloved Syrian poet Nizar Qabbany. As of who wrote the lyrics for this epic song...you guessed...Kareem Al Iraqi is the answer.

Kadem El Saher FT Asma Lemnawar arasmo bilkalimat 2009

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