Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nour Al Sharif And Naseer Shamma Project

Nour Al Sharif was never too popular with the Mubarak regime, he is the actor with a brain. He doesn't do roles for a paycheck, not lately at least. His Ramadan shows keep getting delayed in favor of others.

But this Ramadan his Al Daly show airs its third season. And this Ramadan working with Iraqi composer and lute master Naseer Shamma on a Ramadan prayer segment voiced by Nour Al Shareed and music of the musician Mr. Shama

We have yet to hear those prayers hand picked by Nour from a large collection, he only picked the ones he felt close to him and to his heart. This seems to have sparked some interest and here is an interview with both artists about their collaboration.

Do'a Nor Al Sharif 2011

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