Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mostafa Mahfouz's Album Will Be Good

Mostafa Mahfouz has given Egypt's pop singers many musical notes that made their career and made them popular. Now Mahfouz is hoping to make his own stardom a reality with the soon to be released new album.

From the title of the songs, this sounds like a mixed work of happy go luck songs and dramatic breakup songs. As for Mahfouz's vocals, I know that he has a really moving song for Egypt,a duet he made with Omnya Suliman. And he had another good song in 2009 with a really terrible music video.

One thing for sure, I am looking forward ho is new album that just finished recording last week. "Halif We Nawy", "Sworn and Determined"

Mostafa Mahfouz - Kheles Doro F7aiaty | مصطفي محفوظ - خلص دوره في حياتي

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