Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mohammed Wafi's Black Unit band: 48 numbers

Black Unit is a Gaza based rap band. They are not alone in taking on rapo, but they are making a big name for themselves as they collaborate on their music in Gaza, West Bank, and in Egypt. I actually met Mohammed Wafi two years a go on a bus heading to Rafah in the hopes to get to Egypt.

While the band members has been working on their own, this new song of theirs is the first song as band in more than two years. The title of the song and the lyrics are quite fresh. They way they bring out those numbers from the Palestinian history is amazing.

They bring a number and tell you why it's in the song. I do not think this has been done before. The Palestinian memory is clogged with numbers: dates, UN Resolutions, number of causalities...etc. There was one guy, then two guys came to attack, they brought three tanks, four resisted fighters stood up...etc. You really cannot beat that.

The video is pretty cool as it makes a good use of Arabic calligraphy, graphics, and uses all that in an upbeat fashion. I gotta say, it was well wroth it to wait for a song from those home boys.

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Mohammed wafi from black unit band - 48 numbers ft. alaa shoblaq

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