Friday, August 5, 2011

Mohammad Abbas Song on Egyptian Unity

Egypt is back on the right track toward democracy, but before that moment there was some standoffs between religious zealous on both sides of Islam and Christianity in that country. It was a moment full of shame for most people and it represents nothing about that country.

It only took few people with some idiots thinking and some other their own agendas to blaze the whole deal, and the clashes began. The media also had a part in making those isolated incidents make a lot scarier. While there is some resentment in some parts of Egyptian towns, but the majority want to get along and live together. They have been doing it for centuries.

They stood together and brought down the regime and impressed the whole planet. Check out this track by Mohammad Abbas, an indie Egyptian vocalist who reminds of how connected the people are: Christians and Muslims. when they were fired upon by the corrupt police, it made no difference what religion they were.

مسلم و مسيحي غناء محمد عباس.

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