Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Medhat Saleh The Hit Maker of Ramadan

If it's Ramadan, it's the business of Medhat Saleh, this Egyptian entertain with his signature forte solid voice. Medhat has been singing since the 80s and he was the coolest most hip pop singer back then.

He can make the case that he was the first to use music videos for his songs--breaking away from the singing in the studio format that was the norm back then. He has also done some acting stints. But how Medhat earns his check has always been reliant on his strong voice to do theme songs for TV shows. He has done tens of those and some of them are quite good.

Medhat Saleh also does albums about once every three years and few concerts here and there. But one thing he has been doing for a long time is singing Ramadan songs. Mainly for Egyptian networks. This Ramadan is no different, he has at least two tracks that are packaged with images that make you reflect on the universe and the people.

One thing about being Medhat Saleh is the quality of work he gets to sing. Take for example, the beautiful imagery in The Stock Exchange of Hearts""

Medhat Saleh - Helemt / مدحت صالح - حلمت

Medhat Saleh - Borset El Qoloub / مدحت صالح - بورصة القلوب

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