Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mahmoud Ayad "Ramadan Has Arrived" Gem

There is nothing better than seeing a classical song being tweaking by a new comer and if this tweaking works, I am happy. It's fails then all hell breaks loose. In all cases, the original oldie song will be happy to get a new treatment as it reintroduce it to a new audience.

There is a Ramadan song titled Ramadan Gana "Ramadan Has Arrived", it's a classic in the Arab memory. Here comes Mahmoud Ayad, kicks of his song with that track, then take off with his own song.

I must say, this is a job well done. You can actually jam to this song and feel the festive spirit of the month. Where Spirituality meets excitement and family meets sharing. The song makes sure to mention that this is a new ear for Egypt, unlike the ones before.

Mahmoud Ayad - Ramadan Galna / محمود عياد - رمضان جالنا بخيرة

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