Friday, August 5, 2011

Jannat Puts Her Vocals To A Good Use

Jannat never stands idle, she is always making music and Egypt is her home for that. The Moroccan singer that came from nowhere to become one of the leading female voices in Egypt. She is Arabic pop best and most respectable voice that does not rely solely on the image and fashion.

In a quick interview see Jannat speaks about her Ramadan song, a song with a religious theme but most of all about a social subject. People who only know God when they need him the most. That's the takeaway message from this all vocal song that sends a very clear message that is an issue in pretty much all religions and a matter that most human practice.

جنات تغني جزء من دعاء رمضان Jannat Ramadan Song 2011

اغنية جنات - رمضان

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