Monday, August 1, 2011

In Nablus Palestine, They Also Pray

If it's Ramadan, it's Taraweeh prayer, the Ramadan exclusive evening prayer that keeps many at the mosque for well upward of 30 minutes. Men, women and little boys and girls gather once they have shared the meal of breaking the fast and pray in groups at the local mosque. While the city is famous around the world for its sweets and its soap, it's also known for having a wonderful university too.

The person leading the prayer or the imam almost always have to have a great voice to help people concentrate on their prayer and enjoy the prayer and the verses of the Koran being recited over those microphones.

This is a clip for a mosque in Nablus, Palestine. The West Bank city known for its industries. See the sole line of praying people forming a line on the even of Ramadan, they best thing about it, is the little kids.
مقطع من صلاة التراويح اليوم نابلس - مسجد النصر

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