Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hamza Namira Is The New Mesaharaty

Mesaharaty is the person that marches in the streets at night to wake people up at night for the pre sunrise meal in preparation for a Ramadan day of fasting. It's a very traditional job that is as early as early Islam and it was a very effective job prior to the alarm clock.

However, this old tradition refuses to die, and many man still volunteer to do the job of the Mesaharaty in their local areas. It's a fun job actually, it has some value in knowing that there's some guy out there up waking up others with his drum. Sometimes people would give this guy food on his route.

Hamza Namira took the old Mesahraty anthem and remade it, adding to it the plight of the expats of his country who are living overseas and miss the Mesaharaty. It's a Ramadan song that will also play well in other times of the year. See the back story of what looks like an Arab students studying abroad.

غربة مسحراتي حمزة نمرة قبيلة Hamza Namira Mesaharaty Song 2011

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