Thursday, August 4, 2011

The French Way Of Picking Fights

I am not a big fan of full face cover Niqab style, but I am not a girl to speak about its virtues or its ills. But I know it's not the business of the state to dictate with people should and shouldn't wear. What kind of civilization hangs by a thread on garments?

Unless you are a Muslim living in France, then you do not have to worry about that. Belgium is now doing the same thing, and soon Italy. Where are those human rights advocates in that country? This is cruel to see a woman bring arrested for choosing to cover her face based on her understanding of her religion.

I am sure the French are happy that they finally removed a threat to their imagined secular state. If this is not misplaced anger and a waste of police time, I do not know what is. The French have the right to pass any laws in their own country, and so do we also have the right to agree or disagree on their wisdom.

Watch this video and see the process of the arrest of this women who was not a threat anyone. Yes, I think it's unsafe to have people masked people walking around the streets, but that means arresting anyone in customs, and a Disney character suit.

arrestation d'une soeur avec burQua (jilbebb)

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