Sunday, August 7, 2011

First They Kill You, Then They Shoot at Your Funeral

The Syrian regime would like to wish you a happy Ramadan, you, your murdered brother and all those funeral goers. Watch this hot off the press footage coming from Syria, where there is no mistake the Syrian security force is killing anyone who is gathering in the streets.

I am ready to disclose that we are seeing the final days of this corrupt regime and its tugs. We hear they killed thousands of their own people in their quest to maintain their grip at power. The good news, those people have not been murdered in vain....the regime is cracking.

I am sure some regime apologist would conclude by watching that there are invisible terrorists shooting at the people. The same people will go back and change their story and say they were under pressure and they had to say that. The thing about the Syria media is this: they spend millions making shows about fiction hero, the moment you become one in real life, they kill you. That's why I am not watching a show like "Al Za'eem" "The Kingpin"

تفريق المظاهرة بالرصاص ادلب 7 رمضان 2011

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