Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally, Basel Khoury Releases Somthing

No one knows about how messy the music business in Lebanon as much as Basel does. He is a Jourdain young musician singer. This young man who took part of season 7 of Star Academy had so many production companies wanting to sign him up to sing him up, but none of those empty promises materialized.

This time it's for real, Basil strikes with a song that offers wisdom and love about growing old and missing out all the great things. This is a terrific romantic performance set in surreal world where authenticity is not a stranger. This is all complimented with the dude with a guitar personality.

Basel wrote the lyrics himself which explains why he is feeling them deep down in his soul. The young star had a recent concert in Norway for the Arab immigrants living in that country.

باسل خوري - عم نكبر

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