Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fadel Shaker Will Show You The Way

Fadel Shaker makes no mistake sin my book. His music and his style are all about being classy. He is the dude who makes good music, gives one interview or two, then disappears. He is the least business type you would meet in entertainment. He has other ventures too.

This classy hit maker has nothing but love in the business, in Lebanon and all across the Arab world. Now he is doing a song about being a better person. With humility and pure heart he asks about the way. Then it gets better as those fine words Fadel Shaker performs actually make sense and speak to the heart. This one is about human nature and people and not promoting a specific religion.

اغنية فضل شاكر - ليه تسألوا أين السبيل 2011

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