Monday, August 8, 2011

Fadel Shaker Sings For "Al Rayan" Drama

If it was up to Fadel Shaker he would have chosen never to sing for a TV drama, the songs that when the opening credit are rolling is the theme song. Most of the time, getting a good name to sing that song makes sure people read the names of all those ego driven talents.

Fadel Shaker wasn't going to change his mind this year, but thanks to composer Waleed Saad whose friendship with the Lebanese singer helped him convince the later to sing the theme song for Al Rayan, about Egypt's' biggest scam artist. Al Rayan tells the story of an Arab Madoff--men who engage people in Ponzi scheme where they promise massive payouts.

Ahmad Al Rayan has stolen billions of Egyptian hard earned money. This Ramadan he gets the TV drama treatment and Fadel Shaker will be kicking of the show.

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