Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bashar Al Assad Wishes You A Happy Ramadan

Bashar Al Assad lives on another planet, he thinks by butchering people left and right he would quell the protests in Syria. So far for five months now, he has failed to stop anything. The protest seems to spread around the country and he is becoming more isolated.

Instead of sending those people food and jobs, he sends them guns and hit jobs. Sure some might still like him in Syria, but as of right now it seems that not many chose that. He has fewer friends and it seems that he is going to murder his way out of Syria and then hide some some basement in Iran or better yet he might be gunned down. So much for the reformer he sold himself to be.

Killing more than 100 people on the even of Ramadan tells you, he is losing it and his regime is hitting all the panic buttons they can find.

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