Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arab Nadine Labaki Makes Films For Non Arabs

There's no shame in doing that. that's the story of talented Lebanese director Nadine Labaki. The famed Lebanese music video directors for the likes of Nancy Ajram dipped her toes into directing features films and acting with here well received movie Caramel.

now comes the second act. The movie might as well have been set in Italy or anyplace with foul mouthed old ladies with a lot of funny things to say. There's a lot of women in this movie, young studs, religion and just bizarre characters that makeup the country we love Lebanon.

We have yet to see the whole movie, but it will be a story told through the eyes of women that's for sure. Stories that non Arabs obsess about like sex in an conservative societies. The title in Arabic is, "Where to Now?" It might be a social commentary on the political climate in Lebanon.

halla2 la wayn - nadine labaki

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