Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Angham Defends Her Gulf Album

Angham's last year has two albums one religious themed and another mini album that combines pop and funk in the Egyptian dialect. But this year's Angham had a single "Sebto" and she will be releasing an album she has only done once before. Her album will be in the Gulf dialect.

While Angham has released an album using the Gulf langauge/dialect, this year it is different. We all know the market in Egypt is many thing but stable. The cassette market is no different. And since three years ago, there has been a surge in singers singing in the Gulf dialect.

Angham however defends herself saying that she is singing to her many fans in that region, she is not running away form Egypt as some critics have suggested. It's very true Angham's style is very popular in the Gulf, she is a star there and a household name for many. Angham is a big name anywhere she goes and no one can change that.

Angham - Inta Meen (sad song)

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