Monday, August 8, 2011

Amr Mostafa Wants To Bring Back Mubarak

Never mind he has been acting like a village idiot since January this year. He is the only one that sees conspiracies, he says he hates the West most all his music comes from there. This guy is delusional, for real and he sees nothing wrong during the Mubarak regime.

He can love and respect Mubarak all he wants, but to deny facts on the ground is silly. Amr Mostafa now says that Mubarak did not kill these people. He thinks that Non-Egyptians are the ones who have killed those fallen during the 18 days of the protests. He also denies that many have died.

Amr Mostafa goes further, he insults most Nobel Prize winners of his country. Those men serve the interests of the West and do little for the county. Of course he thinking Najeeb Mahfouz, Zoail and Baradei. Amr Mosta maintains that his music is better than the works of these figures. He also says becasue his music doesn't serve the West, he never gets an award.

Better comment: Zionist and Jews use the word the people want, we should not use it. Watch this clip for his latest "I am Crazy" interview where Amr Mostasfa says, Egyptians should says we need. He also wants a leader to speak to. Seriously? Who is this guy?

عمرو مصطفي: شعار "الشعب يريد.." شعار يهودي

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