Friday, August 5, 2011

Ahmed Mekki-El Kabeer Awii Funny Stuff

Ahmed Mekki has introduced more characters than any other Arab actor. This comedian who is also a gifted writer and an accomplished rapper is one of the brightest funny men in his country. Unlike most Egyptian comedians who take on a character that already exists in society, Ahmed Mekki comes with an entirely new character.

He has so many personalities, the cool kid, the home boy, the bad boy, the geek, the peasant, the funky one, and the Westernized Johnny. But as far TV shows goe, his character in Alkabeer Awii where he plays double characters. One his is the small town big boss and also his raised in America half brother.

The squeal for the show is upon us this year and I have been a fan since last year when the show was cut short due to an accident that broke Ahmed Mekki's leg. This year show has been going solid, and rating are up the roof. While Ahmed Mekki is the star, Dina Ghanem is the leading lady of the show and she is worth every pound. Along with Mekki, Dina has started two big box office movies and this tv show.

Simply, if you want some original laughs, good writing and believable acting, you need to tune in.

Ahmed Mekki-El Kabeer-awii-Song

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