Monday, August 8, 2011

Ahmad Eid Kicks Ass On Egypt's TV

He calls in Egypt's TV and owns the hosts of the show who are nothing but hypocrites. Those two particular TV hosts at the beginning of the revolution in Egypt, they were insulting the protester and calling them traitors. They went one step further they hosted some rogue girl who posed as an activists and this lady confessed that she was Mossad and those Tahrir people are so themselves.

Egyptian funny man Ahmad Eid, called in the show and told those two hosts the truth to their faces, pulled no punches and once he was done he hang up the phone on their faces. This is one bold move that is long time coming. Those hosts who changed postilions from calling the protestors names to calling them heroes.

All of them did it to certain degrees with few exceptions. Those hosts wanted to carry favors for the regime in the hopes they might be getting their contracts improved. they all lost and they all looked pretty bad. He asked them to tell the truth and apologize to the people.

احمد عيد بيهزق مذيعى قناه المحور سيد على وهناء السمرى

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