Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why escargots is so expensive?

Simply because of the one injured work to create these gosmentos bichinhos and to leave them ready to be consumed. Without speaking that, for being a very fragile animal, the productivity is very low. “One escargot leads of six the eight months to reach 15 grams, that are the minimum weight to go to the table”, it affirms the engineer agronomist Carlos Alberto Funcia, pioneer in the creation of escargots in Brazil. Throughout all these months, beyond very fed well, the younglings need to be created in an environment with temperature and ideal umidades. “For being a sensible animal, the tax of mortality in commercial creations varies of 12 15%”, says Funcia. Mortality in creations of chickens, for example, is of about 5% and in the ones pigs, of 10%. It sees what it rolls with this snail until arriving at the bacanudos restaurants

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