Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lebanon's Finest! Sing For Bashar 2011

If you are a Syrian artist and you sing for Bashar Assad, then you are one of two thing. you are either scared for your life and that if you don't sing they will come after you, or that you simply like the guy and see nothing wrong. We are all interested in self preservation, I suppose.

But if you are not a citizen of Syria, and rel;ease a song in honor of the embattled leader of that land, there is something to the story. I have complied a lit of Lebanese singers who chose to sing for Bashar and celebrate the Assad household. Those singers might know something the whole world doesn't see.

Faris Karam, Najwa Karam, Mohammad Iskandar, Wael Kfoury, Ayman Zabeeb, Moeen Shareef, Mohammad Bash, Melhim Zain, Mai Hariri and Assi Hallani. Have all come to defense of Bashar, not the people but the leaders. Making another mistake. Maybe those singers have family in Syria, maybe they just want to be on the good side of the rulers, but at the end of the day, things are unfolding in Syria and those names should think twice.

جديد فارس كرم 2011 - لحنا بواسل مانبايع إلا بالدم روووعة

وائل كفوري # ياسوريا رشي طيوب

نجوى كرم بشار القائد _اغنية لبشار الاسد_بدنا نحافظ

منموت كبار-محمد اسكندر

ايمن زبيب يا جبين ما بينحني بشار الأسد . محبة زيدل

محمد باش.نحنا رجالك بشار.

جديد ملحم زين بدي غازل سورية

سوريا الله حاميها - معين شريف.

New FannFmSyria مي حريري جنوبية وجاية رد جميل 2011

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