Saturday, July 30, 2011

Assi Throws His Hat Into Ramadan's Music

Assi El Hallani never misses an opportunity to be on the news. So when the month of Ramadan comes around, he release some religious songs and on top of that he did so using the Egyptian dialect. Which serves more than one purpose. Most of the popular TV networks are Egyptians, the people of Egypt love this kind of music.

But in my opinion, his earlier religious songs are better, because I do not think he is doing his voice a favor by doing both a religious song and an Egyptian one at the same time. But to his credit he knows how to self-promote better than many Arab stars. Just look at how often he posts new videos of his work and projects.

Assi El Helani - Mafrahsh Leah / عاصى الحلانى - مافرحش لية

Assi El Helani - Khayr El Kalam / عاصى الحلانى - خير الكلام

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