Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Maharashtra Day | Maharashtra Day SMS | Maharashtra Day Wishes

Happy Maharashtra Day | Maharashtra Day SMS | Maharashtra Day Wishes

We know in past you was Madrasy, you Punjabi

We know in past you was Gujarati, you Bengali

No matter which is your mothertounge

No matter which is your language

Put little pressure on your brain

Moreover, think….

Where did you standing now? Growing?

You feel whose water? Wind?

So express your self and speak out by heart….


We wish all People living in Maharashtra,

Happy Maharashtra Day

On this Maharashtra Day Lets Unite ….


We wish all People living in Maharashtra,

Happy Maharashtra Day

On this Maharashtra Day Lets Unite ….



# Wish all People living in Maharashtra,
Happy Maharashtra Day

# Lets Unite On this Maharashtra Day

# Maharashtra is a tune. It must be sung together.
Long Live Maharashtra

# What the people want is very simple. They want Maharashtra as good as its promise.
Jai Maharashtra

# I love my freedom. I love my Maharashtra

# “Jai Maharashtra!”

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Road Warrior, HOTD Overkill, Full Circle

Film: The wife and I watched The Road Warrior today as we were enjoying the afternoon. She had never seen it before, and although she is as close to perfect as any man could ever hope to expect, I've taken on as my own personal mission to expose her to some of ‘the classics’.

We’ve watched RoboCop, Big Trouble in Little China, Alien and Aliens already, but we still need to get to Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, The Thing, and Predator, among others. Anyway, today was the day for post-apocalyptic road rage.
Although I've seen Road Warrior several times, I hadn't watched it lately and I was a little curious as to whether or not it would still hold up as well as I remembered it.
Even after all this time, that film remains an emotionally bleak, brutal masterpiece. Complete thumbs up.
Games: As we near the arrival date of our son (still in utero) we find that we are in kind of a holding pattern… since we've got all the baby stuff and reorganized the house several times over, there's not really a lot to do but wait. Helping us pass the time today was House of the Dead: Overkill on the Wii.
Although the game felt a little bit shallow (and took us about three hours to complete) I've got to say that I absolutely fell in love with the presentation-- Headstrong Games pulled a really genius move in positioning the entire thing as a 70’s exploitation film.

Instead of having it be another laughably stilted ‘serious’ entry in the series, it gains a significant amount of cool by being completely irreverent and quite foul in some parts. (That final 'mommy' scene? Eccccchhhhh!) Although I wouldn't recommend this treatment for every game, it really works here. After all, light gun games on rails are slightly absurd to begin with, so why not up the ante?
In my opinion, it made the whole thing a lot more interesting than it would have been otherwise, although if you’re not in the right frame of mind I can see how it would be fairly irritating… the f-bombs drop with unbelievable frequency and the music will either get you in the mood, or drive you completely insane.
I had a blast with it as a rental, but considering that we were pretty much done with it in one day, I can't really recommend it as a $50 purchase. Still, check it out for the style, if nothing else.
Misc: My job takes me lots of different places during the week. It's one of the reasons why I enjoy doing it; there's a ton of variety. However, today was something a little different because it was familiar-- I had the opportunity to revisit the school where I was originally trained myself.
The pictures on the wall were all new and I didn't recognize many of the faces, but the thing that really struck me was that it was odd to be a seasoned professional sitting in the exact same room where I started as the greenest of greenhorns.
I didn't have much chance to talk to the people who were there, but just setting foot in the same space sent me back. I'm still sort of digesting the experience, but I was glad (and maybe a little weirded out) to have had the opportunity to come full circle and see those who are just starting out on the path my life took thirteen years ago.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Valkyria Praise, Habesha Ethiopian, and an ugly dog

Game: Spent most of the weekend with Valkyria Chronicles.

that chick with the red eyes? she's not to be messed with.
Despite having a few misgivings at first, the gameplay quickly won me over and I'm now a complete convert. I've got to say, it's certainly one of the best reasons to own a PS3, and after having made it through a little less than half of the main campaign, I'm shocked that Sony didn't give it more of a push. It's far better than the majority of what's available for the PS3, it's a system exclusive, and it's got loads of both both style and substance.
Although Strat RPGs are still kinda niche, methinks the PR folks totally missed the boat on this one… maybe if they’d STFU about LittleBigPlanet for a few minutes, some other deserving titles like Valkyria could get a little press.
Now that the game’s been lowered to $30 brand-new, do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy. It's the most exciting and well-done SRPG I've seen in quite some time, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.
(And if you get a copy of Valkyria and like it, do yourself another favor and track down Konami’s Ring of Red on PS2.

Last I checked, it could be had for $6-$10. Although it's a little more high-maintenance than Valkyria, it’s still damned good and there are some definite similarities in the combat system.)
Food: The wife and I went out for lunch with a friend to a fairly new Ethiopian restaurant that opened up near the south end of Lake Union. Called Habesha, it's tucked away on Minor Ave, just across the street from the shiny silver Metro Park buildings. (1809 Minor for those of you clicking over to Mapquest…)
Gotta say, this was a pretty good place. The interior and decor were attractive-- dark and subdued without being depressing. It was classy, but we didn't feel out of place walking in wearing jeans.
The service was above average, and the food was quite delicious. Although the appetizer (lentil-stuffed pastry) wasn't quite as flavorful as I would've liked, the main dishes were fantastic.

tastes WAY better than it looks, trust me.
The spiced chicken breast, seasoned spinach, okra, split yellow beans, green beans, seasoned cabbage and the large injera pancake it was served on were all top-notch.
Spicy without being too hot, savory without being salty. Although the crude American in me will likely bring a fork next time (Ethiopian cuisine is traditionally utensil-free) I would gladly eat here again.
Entrees $9-$13 per person, four stars out of five.
Misc: The same friend we ate Ethiopian with has a black pug, and after lunch was over she broke the news to us that this pug had gotten pregnant and had puppies since we’d last met. Neither of us had any idea, but she kept one of the pups and showed it to us in the parking lot outside.
Wasn’t able to snap a pic, but I've got to say, a pug mommy and a poodle-mix daddy make for some awfully hideous offspring. The dog looked nothing at all like its mother save for the comical underbite. Besides that, it was gray, shaggy, and its breed origin wasn’t at all identifiable outside of the fact that it was canine. Though the little rugger looked like it had a sweet disposition, yeesh… homely doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

OB Update, Uncharted, and Valkyria Chronicles

Baby: Quick update on the OB situation from the last post-- we went into the doc’s office today and as the nurse was doing the vitals on the wife, she asked if she was feeling all right, and what happened.
I was a little surprised that this nurse knew about our situation, so I asked her how she knew. She stated that she was standing next to the person who had denied my wife care as the phone call was happening, and knew that this staffer was giving the wrong advice. Unfortunately, she felt as though she didn't rank above the woman on the phone and didn't want to contradict her. I appreciated her inquiry, but I would've appreciated it even more if she had stepped in to correct behavior she knew was not proper.
A few minutes later, the OB comes in and when I ask if she's aware of what happened, she says she has no idea. I recap it for her, and to her credit, she agreed that the staff person's refusal to take my wife's blood pressure was absolutely the wrong call. I told her in no uncertain terms that I felt this particular incident reflected badly on the office, and that nothing of the sort would be tolerated in the future. She agreed.
I don't think anyone's going to get fired over it, but the doctor said she would have a very frank discussion with that person and instruct them about what the proper procedure for a potentially serious situation like ours would be in the future.
It was the answer I was looking for and I'm glad that the doctor was in line with my thinking, but I have to admit that although it was appropriate, the resolution was not very satisfying… nobody's head rolled (at least, in front of me) and no blood was spilled. It was kind of anti-climactic, really.
Games: I finished Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune last night, and although I took copious notes and intended to dress it down in a formal review, after a good night’s sleep, I realized I just don't care enough to make the effort.

will you remember me in six months? didn't think so.

Overall, it was a shallow, trite game that brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Even worse, it swipes wholesale from other sources. The thin exploration and puzzle elements are reminiscent of Tomb Raider, although nowhere near the same level of intricacy or design. The gunplay feels a bit like a Gears of War lite, and there's far, far, far too much of it. The story and setting crib from Indiana Jones (or perhaps The Librarian instead), yet the generic white-guy main character doesn't have a tenth of Indy’s charisma, not to mention the half-baked plot never comes together.
Honestly, I don't even understand what Naughty Dog was going for here. There's no ‘hook’ or unique identity to the game. Make a few easy jumps, kill a million mercenaries, and travel from scene to scene with very little drama or suspense. Graphically it's fairly strong, but it fails to deliver in every other category… sort of like a videogame equivalent to being a Jack-of-All-Trades. It tries a few different things, but doesn't do any of them particularly well.
In other PS3 news, I started Valkyria Chronicles tonight, and although I'm quite early in the adventure, it's easy to see that it's definitely a quality undertaking. The action-oriented spin on traditional SRPG design is very much appreciated, and it's extremely easy on the eyes.

On the downside, the story (so far) hews closely to the typically cliché Japanese-Style Political Conflict outline that a lot of games in this genre share, but it's not terrible. There are also a few odd things about it, like the way only certain objects can be used as cover, or the way a defensive bonus granted by a blocking stack of sandbags remains in effect even if you sneak up behind the hiding person and take a shot squarely at the back of their head.
Even so, Valkyria remains a vitally fresh attempt in a genre that is especially stale, and it's definitely keeping my attention. One-hit-kills on my tank from behind are definitely a bummer, though.
Writing: My co-author and I have ironed out most of the remaining kinks in the new book’s plot, and it's progressing nicely. Still need a title, though. Anyway, I should probably stop blogging and get to it… Got another 40,000 or so words to go.

Top 100 Love Quotes For All Time

1. "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

2. "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."
--Janos Arnay

3. "My night has become a sunny dawn because of you."
--Ibn Abbad

4. "In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person."
--Margaret Anderson

5. Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.
Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.
- Captain Corelli's Mandolin
6. "Love is the beauty of the soul."
--St. Augustine

7. "A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous."
--Ingrid Bergmen

8. "Each moment of a happy lover's hour is worth an age of dull and common life."
--Aphra Behn

9. "Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me."
--Sarah Bernhardt"

10. In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."
--Bliss and Cerney

11. "You're nothing short of my everything."
--Ralph Block

12. "What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes..."
--Elizabeth Barret Browning

13. "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach..."
--Elizabeth Barrett Browning

14. "Take away love, and our earth is a tomb."
--Robert Browning

15. "But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever."
--Robert Burns

16. "She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudness climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes..."
--Lord Byron

17. "Like music on the waters is they sweet voice to me."
--Lord Byron

18. "I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you."
--Roy Croft

19. "Come live with me and be my love, and we will some new pleasures prove, of golden sands, and crystal beaches, with silken lines and silver hooks..."
--John Dunne

20. "The only true gift is a portion of yourself."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

21. "Thou art to me a delicious torment."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

22. "Love distills desire upon the eyes, love brings bewitching grace into the heart."

23. "I love her and that's the beginning of everything."
--F. Scott Fitzgerald.

24. "I wished for nothing beyond her smile, and to walk with her thus, hand in hand, along a sun-warmed, flower-bordered path."
--Andre Gide

25. "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."
--Robert Heinlein

26. "Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes

27. "What I feel for you seems less of earth and more of a cloudless heaven."
--Victor Hugo?

28. "It's so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it's not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it.... In our hands."

29. "Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."
--John Keats

30. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
--Helen Keller

31. "... See there's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me."
--Gretchen Kemp

32. "When you came, you were like red wine and honey, and the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness."
--Amy Lowell

33. "Make me immortal with a kiss."
--Christopher Marlowe

34. "Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars."
--Christopher Marlowe

35. "Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart."
--Alphonse Marie de la Martine

36. "In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing."
--Mignon McLaughlin

37. "We came by night to the Fortunate Isles, And lay like fish Under the net of our kisses."
--Pablo Neruda

38. "The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain signing to and you alone make me feel that I am alive...Other men, it is said, have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough."
--George Moore

39. "In love there are two things: bodies and words."
--Joyce Carol Oates

40. "I become a waterwheel, turning and tasting you, as long as water moves."

41. "I miss you even more than I could have believed; and I was prepared to miss you a good deal."
--Vita Sackville-West

42. "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

43. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

44. "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."
--George Sand

45. "Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart."
--Robert Sexton

46. "My heart is ever at your service."
--William Shakespeare

47. "The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite."
--William Shakespeare

48. "Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."
--Alexander Smith

49. "I am my beloved, and my beloved is me."
--Song of Solomon

50. "Her breath is like honey spiced with cloves, Her mouth delicious as a ripened mango."

51. "To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven."
--Karen Sunde

52. "Love, till dawn sunder night from day with fire Dividing my delight and my desire..."
--A. C. Swinburne

53. "Love is friendship set on fire."
--Jeremy Taylor

54. "Within you I lose myself. Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again."

55. "Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile..."

56. "I see my fated stars in your eyes. They melt me like the sun does snow."

57. "The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart."

58. "To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed."

59. "If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the whole night sky in the palm of my hand."

60. "If you love me only in my dreams, let me be asleep forever."

61. "Kiss me and you will see stars; love me and I will give them to you."

62. "Love is a dream that comes alive when we meet."

63. "The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze."

64. "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essense."
--Vincent van Gogh

65. "Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto."
--Lope de Vega

66. "Here are fruits, flowers, leaves, and branches, And here is my heart which beats only for you."
--Paul Verlaine

67. "When a heart finds another, what's a cloud more or less in the sky?"
--Wolf and Page

68. "The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.
--Josiah G. Holland

69. "From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being."

70. "The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life."
--Sir Hugh Walpole

71. "Love means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love."
--Erich Fromm

72. "You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."
--Sam Keen

73. "The most powerful symptom of love is a tenderness which becomes at times almost insupportable."
--Victor Hugo

74. "True love begins when nothing is looked for in return."
--Antoine De Saint-Exupery

75. "Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end."
--Germaine De Stael

76. "The life and love we create is the life and love we live."
--Leo Buscaglia

77. "For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it."
--Ivan Panin

78. "Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals."
--J. Isham

79. "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
--Lao Tzu

80. "The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss."

81. "Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul."
--St. Augustine

82. "Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it."
--Thomas Fuller

83. "Paradise is always where love dwells."
--Jean Paul F. Richter

84. "True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart."
--Honore de Balzac

85. "We are all born for love... it is the principle existence and it's only end."
--Benjamin Disraeli

86. "Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes

87. "Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
--Elizabeth Browning

88. "To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with."
--Mark Twain

89. "If I know what love is, it is because of you."
--Herman Hesse

90. "So dear I love him that with him,
All deaths I could endure.
Without him, live no life."
-- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

91. "Love is like a friendship caught on fire: In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable."
--Bruce Lee

92. "She walks in beauty,
Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes."

93. "....A simple I love you means more than money...."
--Frank Sinatra

94. "How delicious is the winning of a kiss at love's beginning."
--Thomas Campbell

95. "One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is Love."

96. "Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."
--Mark Twain

97. "Come, let us make love deathless."
--Herbert Trench

98. "There is no remedy for love but to love more."
--Henry David Thoreau

99. "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever."
--Alfred Lord Tennyson

100. "All love is sweet, given or returned."
--Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thursday, April 23, 2009

50 Inspirational Positive Quotes That Make You Think

50 Inspirational Positive Quotes That Make You Think ::

“Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought.”
- Henri L. Bergson
“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”
- Hellen Keller
“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.”
- Josh Billings
“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”
- Will Rogers
“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
- Mahatma Gandhi
“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
- Christopher Columbus
“To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his left and right hand. He uses both.”
- St Catherine of Siena
“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we took so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened up for us”
- Helen Keller
“We don’t see the things the way they are. We see things the way WE are.”
- Talmund
“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.”
- Norman Vincent Peale
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
- Dr Wayne Dyer
“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.”
- Theodore Rubin
“Pessimist : A person who says that O is the last letter of ZERO, instead of the first letter in word OPPORTUNITY.”
- Anonymous
“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
- Thomas A Edison
“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting”
- Elizabeth Bibesco
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”
- B. Olatunji
“When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on.”
- Franklin D Roosevelt
“Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.”
- Zig Ziglar
“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
- Winston Churchill
“The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching.”
- Dennis Green
“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
- Muhammad Ali
“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
- Dale Carnegie
“So many of our dreams at first seems impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”
- Christopher Reeve
“Hard work spotlights the character of people. Some turn up their sleeves. Some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”
- Sam Ewing
“There are those who work all day. Those who dream all day. And those who spend an hour dreaming before setting to work to fulfill those dreams. Go into the third category because there’s virtually no competition.”
- Steven J Ross
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
- Confucious
“Many of life’s failures are people who had not realized how close they were to success when they gave up.”
- Thomas A Edison
“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
- Stephen Covey
“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”
- Peter Drucker
“Do you know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea? Nothing!”
- Donald Gardner
“Success is what you attract by the person you become.”
- Jim Rohn
“You have to ‘Be’ before you can ‘Do’ and ‘Do’ before you can ‘Have’.
- Zig Ziglar
“You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.”
- Zig Ziglar
“The test we must set for ourselves is not to march alone but to march in such a way that others wish to join us.”
- Hubert Humphrey
“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus when the limo breaks down.”
- Oprah Winfrey
“Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune.”
- Jim Rohn
“It isn’t what the book costs. It’s what it will cost you if you don’t read it.”
- Jim Rohn
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
- Mahatma Gandhi
“The future has several names. For the weak, it is the impossible. For the fainthearted, it is the unknown. For the thoughtful and valiant, it is the ideal.”
- Victor Hugo
“There is nothing more genuine than breaking away from the chorus to learn the sound of your own voice.”
- Po Bronson
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
- Waldo Emerson
“Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”
- Henry van Dyke
“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”
- Bertrand Russell
“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”
- Winston Churchill
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s about creating yourself.”
- George Bernard Shaw
“Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vintage point.”
- Harold B Melchart
“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.”
- Benjamin Mays
“More often in life, we end up regretting the chances in life that we had, but didn’t take them, than those chances that we took and wished we hadn’t.”
- Anonymous
“An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.”
- Pope John Paul I
“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.”
- Earl Shoaf

Angela (Face 359)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love Quotes, Love SMS, Love Quotations

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ~Mother Teresa

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~Albert Einstein

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder. ~Charles Morgan

You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover's arms can only come later when you're sure they won't laugh if you trip. ~Jonathan Carroll, "Outside the Dog Museum"

Ah me! love can not be cured by herbs. ~Ovid

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. ~Eric Fromm

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. ~Kahlil Gibran

Infatuation is when you think he's as sexy as Robert Redford, as smart as Henry Kissinger, as noble as Ralph Nader, as funny as Woody Allen, and as athletic as Jimmy Conners. Love is when you realize that he's as sexy as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Ralph Nader, as athletic as Henry Kissinger and nothing like Robert Redford - but you'll take him anyway. ~Judith Viorst, Redbook, 1975

Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species. ~W. Somerset Maugham, A Writer's Notebook, 1949

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939, translated from French by Lewis Galantière

When love is not madness, it is not love. ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river. ~Malagasy Proverb

Do I love you because you're beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
~Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
~Rosemonde Gerard

Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate! ~Sandra J. Dykes

Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense. ~Mark Overby

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. ~Author Unknown

Love - a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker. ~Author Unknown

Love is a sweet tyranny, because the lover endureth his torments willingly. ~Proverb

The lover is a monotheist who knows that other people worship different gods but cannot himself imagine that there could be other gods. ~Theodor Reik, Of Love and Lust, 1957

Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit. ~Peter Ustinov

Hate leaves ugly scars, love leaves beautiful ones. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
~William Shakespeare, Mid-Summer Night's Dream, 1595

The art of love... is largely the art of persistence. ~Albert Ellis

Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that. ~Michael Leunig

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. ~Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, A.D. 524

Who, being loved, is poor? ~Oscar Wilde

Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame. ~Henry David Thoreau

To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness. ~Robert Brault,

Without love, what are we worth? Eighty-nine cents! Eighty-nine cents worth of chemicals walking around lonely. ~Laurence Marks, M*A*S*H, "Love Story," original air date 7 January 1973, spoken by the character Hawkeye

A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it. ~Frank A. Clark

Shall we compare our hearts to a garden -
with beautiful blooms, straggling weeds,
swooping birds and sunshine, rain -
and most importantly, seeds.
~Grey Livingston

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. ~Robert Heinlein

The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. ~George Moore

We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan Poe

If I love you, what business is it of yours? ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The hardest-learned lesson: that people have only their kind of love to give, not our kind. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire. ~François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

My debt to you, Belovèd,
Is one I cannot pay
In any coin of any realm
On any reckoning day.
~Jessie B. Rittenhouse

We choose those we like; with those we love, we have no say in the matter. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands. ~Quoted by Alexandra Penney in Self

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ~Jean Anouilh

When a man is in love or in debt, someone else has the advantage. ~Bill Balance

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~Rose Franken

Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat. ~Ben Hecht

A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay -
Love isn’t love
'Til you give it away.
~Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music, "You Are Sixteen (Reprise)"
(Thanks, Krystel)

Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies. ~Swedish Proverb

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. ~Henry Van Dyke

Love is much nicer to be in than an automobile accident, a tight girdle, a higher tax bracket or a holding pattern over Philadelphia. ~Judith Viorst, Redbook, 1975

Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place. ~Ice T, The Ice Opinion, quoted in Reader's Digest, "Quotable Quotes," February 2002

Love is no respecter of age or practicality
Neither morality: unabashed
She enters where she will
Unheeding that her immortal fires
Burn up human hearts...
~Phillip Pulfrey, from Beyond Me,

Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses. ~Lord Dewar

When you're in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks. ~Natalie Clifford Barney

Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Love burns across the infinitude. ~Meriel Stelliger

It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves. ~John Bulwer

'Tis sweet to know there is an eye will mark our coming, and look brighter when we come. ~Lord Byron

A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.
~Author Unknown

Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots. ~Author unknown, as printed in The Hoosier Farmer

Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke. ~Lynda Barry

Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love; it is the faithless who know love's tragedies. ~Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891

Love doesn't sit there like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all of the time, made new. ~Ursula K. LeGuin

Love is not singular except in syllable. ~Marvin Taylor

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old. ~John Ciardi

People who are sensible about love are incapable of it. ~Douglas Yates

Love never reasons but profusely gives; gives, like a thoughtless prodigal, its all, and trembles lest it has done too little. ~Hannah Moore

Ah me! why may not love and life be one? ~Henry Timrod

Take away love and our earth is a tomb. ~Robert Browning

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. ~William Shakespeare, "Sonnet CXVI"

He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began. ~Leo Tolstoy

It is the same in love as in war; a fortress that parleys is half taken. ~Marguerite de Valois

You don't have to go looking for love when it's where you come from. ~Werner Erhard

No one can understand love who has not experienced infatuation. And no one can understand infatuation, no matter how many times he has experienced it. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Love me and the world is mine. ~David Reed

It would be impossible to "love" anyone or anything one knew completely. Love is directed towards what lies hidden in its object. ~Paul Valéry, Tel quel, 1943

The love game is never called off on account of darkness. ~Tom Masson

They who meet on an April night are forever lost in love, if there's moonlight all about and there's no moon above. ~E.Y. "Yip" Harburg and Fred Saidy, dialogue just before the song "Old Devil Moon" in the musical Finian's Rainbow (Thanks, Katherine!)

Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence. ~David Byrne

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ~Robert Frost

You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~Dr. Seuss

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~Zora Neale Hurston

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. ~Emily Brontë

The excesses of love soon pass, but its insufficiencies torment us forever. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

An old man in love is like a flower in winter. ~Portuguese Proverb

Will you love me in December as you do in May,
Will you love me in the good old fashioned way?
When my hair has all turned gray,
Will you kiss me then and say,
That you love me in December as you do in May?
~James J. Walker

Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren't even there before. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane. ~Honoré de Balzac

Love withers under constraints: its very essence is liberty: it is compatible neither with obedience, jealousy, nor fear: it is there most pure, perfect, and unlimited where its votaries live in confidence, equality and unreserve. ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Love is the poetry of the senses. ~Honoré de Balzac

Love is a game that two can play and both win. ~Eva Gabor

Without love, the rich and poor live in the same house. ~Author Unknown

The heart is a small thing, but desireth great matters. It is not sufficient for a kite's dinner, yet the whole world is not sufficient for it. ~Francis Quarles, Emblems

Love is like those second-rate hotels where all the luxury is in the lobby. ~Paul-Jean Toulet

We don't believe in rheumatism and true love until after the first attack. ~Marie Ebner Von Eschenbach, Aphorism

It's hard to defeat a woman in love. ~Destin Figuier

All love is probationary, a fact which frightens women and exhilarates men. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen. ~François, duc de La Rochefoucauld

Some women love only what they can hold in their arms; others, only what they can't. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

Love, and a cough, cannot be hid. ~George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum, 1651

Desire creates havoc when it is the only thing between two people, or when it is what's missing. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved. ~Christopher Paul Rubero

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves. ~Latin Proverb

The arms of love encompass you with your present, your past, your future, the arms of love gather you together. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Southern Mail, 1929, translated from French by Curtis Cate

I need the starshine of your heavenly eyes,
After the day's great sun.
~Charles Hanson Towne

A lover is a man who tries to be more amiable than it is possible for him to be. ~Nicholas de Chamfort

Love is not consolation. It is light. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked. ~Erich Segal

Loving is never a waste of time. ~Astrid Alauda

Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared with love in dreams. ~Fyodor Dostoevski

True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self. ~William Butler Yeats

Mumps, measles, and puppy love are terrible after twenty. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. ~Author Unknown

Love is what you've been through with somebody. ~James Thurber, quoted in Life magazine, 1960

Love is being stupid together. ~Paul Valery

In this horror of solitude, this need to lose his ego in exterior flesh, which man calls grandly the need for love. ~Charles Baudelaire

Open your heart and take us in,
Love - love and me.
~W.E. Henley

Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in love. I'd stepped in it a few times. ~Rita Rudner

Love does not care to define and is never in a hurry to do so. ~Charles du Bos

I love you like crazy, baby
'Cuz I'd go crazy without you.
~Pixie Foudre

What "love" is I don't know if it's not the response of our deepest natures to one another. ~William Carlos Williams

I learned the real meaning of love. Love is absolute loyalty. People fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that's love, even if it doesn't seem very exciting. ~Sylvester Stallone

Ah, lady, when I gave my heart to thee,
It passed into thy lifelong regency.
~Gilbert Parker

The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of. ~Blaise Pascal, Pensées, 1670

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. ~Plato

As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words. ~William Shakespeare

Love floods us with hope. ~Jareb Teague

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable. ~Bruce Lee

Life only starts when love comes. ~From the movie Bill of Divorcement, 1932

Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
Unravelled from the tumbling main,
And threading the eye of a yellow star: -
So many times do I love again.
~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy. ~George Jean Nathan

Love makes time pass; time makes love pass. ~French Proverb

True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach (Thanks, Bonnie)

I love you as you are, but do not tell me how that is. ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

There's nothing more freeing than the shackles of love. ~Emma Racine deFleur

When you're attracted to someone it just means that your subconscious is attracted to their subconscious, subconsciously, so what we know as fate is two neuroses knowing that they're a perfect match. ~Jeff Arch, Nora Ephron, and David S. Ward, Sleepless in Seattle

Platonic love is love from the neck up. ~Thyra Smater Winsolow

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. ~Tom Robbins

The eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love. ~Margaret Atwood

You really shouldn't say "I love you" unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget. ~Author unknown, attributed to an 8-year-old named Jessica

So dear I love him, that with him all deaths I could endure, without him live no life. ~John Milton

Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold. ~Zelda Fitzgerald

Men love because they are afraid of themselves, afraid of the loneliness that lives in them, and need someone in whom they can lose themselves as smoke loses itself in the sky. ~V.F. Calverton

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too. ~Author unknown, attributed to an 8-year-old named Greg

Lust fades, so you'd better be with someone who can stand you. ~Alan Zweibel and Jessie Nelson, The Story of Us

Ah! a blessing beyond all fate
My sole mate 'tis my soul mate.
~Pixie Foudre

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved - loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. ~Victor Hugo

Love is the greatest refreshment in life. ~Pablo Picasso

I was half in love with her by the time we sat down. That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty, even if they're not much to look at, or even if they're sort of stupid, you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, 1945

Love means nothing in tennis, but it's everything in life. ~Author Unknown

What the world really needs is more love and less paper work. ~Pearl Bailey

Love, love, love - all the wretched cant of it, masking egotism, lust, masochism, fantasy under a mythology of sentimental postures. ~Germaine Greer

We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person. ~W. Somerset Maugham

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ~Author Unknown

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. ~Voltaire

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. ~William Shakespeare

While God waits for His temple to be built of love, men bring stones. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Love is metaphysical gravity. ~R. Buckminster Fuller

Love is my religion - I could die for it. ~John Keats

Love is the self-delusion we manufacture to justify the trouble we take to have sex. ~Dan Greenburg

Love would never be a promise of a rose garden unless it is showered with light of faith, water of sincerity and air of passion. ~Author Unknown

Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. ~Author Unknown

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? ~Author Unknown

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Author Unknown

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. ~Kay Knudsen

Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another. ~Henry Louis Mencken

You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry. ~Author Unknown

Sometimes we make love with our eyes. Sometimes we make love with our hands. Sometimes we make love with our bodies. Always we make love with our hearts. ~Author Unknown

True love is when you put someone on a pedestal, and they fall - but you are there to catch them. ~Author Unknown

You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well. ~Author Unknown

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. ~Author Unknown

Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever. ~Author Unknown

Love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image... otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. ~Author Unknown

Love is not blind - it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. ~Julins Gordon

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world. ~Author Unknown

No one has ever loved anyone the way everyone wants to be loved. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you. ~Author Unknown

When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving oneself, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. ~Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Candle light, moon light, star light,
The brightest glow is from love light.
~Grey Livingston

Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Come live in my heart and pay no rent. ~Samuel Lover

Romance is dead - it was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece. ~Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

If love does not know how to give and take without restrictions, it is not love, but a transaction that never fails to lay stress on a plus and a minus. ~Emma Goldman, The Tragedy of Women's Emancipation

I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art. ~Thomas Moore

Love isn't blind, it's retarded. ~Don Foster and Susan Beavers, Two and a Half Men

Free love? as if love is anything but free. Man has bought brains, but all the millions in the world have failed to buy love. ~Emma Goldman, Marriage and Love

Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion. ~Miguel de Unamuno

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I. ~Michel de Montaigne

I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone. ~Javan

Like I've always said, love wouldn't be blind if the braille weren't so damned much fun. ~Armistead Maupin, Maybe the Moon (Thanks, David)

Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men's behavior is measured with a feminine ruler. ~Francesca M. Cancian

What I need to live has been given to me by the earth. Why I need to live has been given to me by you. ~Author Unknown

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Claudia Ghandi

Falling in love is so hard on the knees. ~Aerosmith

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged. ~Hans Nouwens

Like everybody who is not in love, he thought one chose the person to be loved after endless deliberations and on the basis of particular qualities or advantages. ~Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past: Cities of the Plain, 1922

In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head. ~Emma Racine deFleur

The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost. ~G.K. Chesterton

I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes

Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else. ~George Bernard Shaw

The simple lack of her is more to me than others' presence. ~Edward Thomas

[W]hen you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. ~Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally

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OB Anger and Uncharted on PS3

Baby: The wife woke up this morning and wasn't feeling too hot. Since we got referred to our local labor and delivery center for monitoring a few days ago, we figured we'd play it safe and take her into the OB for a quick blood pressure check, fingers crossed that preeclampsia wouldn't rear its head.
We've been going to this OB for pretty much the entire pregnancy-- routine checkups, tests of all kinds, ultrasound, etc. The doc has been pretty good and she's certainly been taking my money for what basically amounts to nine months of “looks great, see you next week.” When we called them this morning, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal for us to pop in and have a nurse do the blood pressure. As anyone who's been to a doctor knows, it takes less than a minute. The response was not exactly what I expected.
The doctor’s not here right now, but you can come in this afternoon.”
“My wife is not feeling well right now. If you can just check her blood pressure and let us know what the number is, we can take it from there.”
I'm sorry, but the doctor’s not here, so if something's wrong, then we can’t help you.”
At this point in time I'm thinking to myself that there are at least five separate doctors who work in that office and share duties, so I know damn well that at least one of them is in. I'm also thinking that if my wife or my unborn child are in distress, it's better to find that out immediately rather than sitting around all day waiting for the doctor to come in. After all, even if the doctor was there, all she’d tell us to do is go to the labor and delivery center, which is what we planned to do anyway if the wife’s BP was elevated.
“So you're saying that you're not going to do this blood pressure check for us, even though we're reporting that something may be wrong and it would take you less than a minute?”

They didn't.
We ended up going to our general practitioner to have it checked, which they gladly did at no cost. Start to finish, I think we were in and out of the office in less than three minutes. Luckily, the wife was fine so no further action needed to be taken in that regard, but I'm going to have a very frank discussion with the OB about the quality of care I expect, and the kind of office she's running.
It might get harsh.
Games: Playing Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS3 right now.

I played it for a bit when it first came out, but it rubbed me the wrong way and I tossed it aside. I was quite surprised to have that reaction, really. I was a big Crash Bandicoot fan when ND was still producing it, and had a very good time with the Jak & Daxter series. I expected great things from Uncharted, and at the time I felt like it really didn't deliver. Didn't even bother finishing it.
While skimming through Metacritic the other day I came across the Uncharted breakdown and was a bit surprised to see it that rocked an 88. Now, although I will be the first to admit that my taste doesn't always run parallel to the majority, that number seemed a little high to me, and being the Naughty Dog fan that I am, I felt like I should give it another shot. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind, or perhaps Saturn was out of alignment, or something. Who knows?

Still don't like it.
I'm toying around with the idea of doing a review for it, but I'm still sort of stunned that it's just not nearly as enjoyable and well put-together as it should be. The characters are pretty generic, the puzzles and platforming are lightweight, there’s at least twice as much gunplay as is warranted (the pop-out-endless-wave-of-enemies kind), and in general, there's not really a lot of heart. I kind of get the sense that the developers were trying to bowl everybody over with the visuals, hoping no one would notice how insincere and hook-free it is. Looking at that Metacritic score, I guess their strategy worked.
I'll definitely finish it this time just to say that I did, but I certainly wouldn't ever hold this up as an example of a great game-- although considering how weak the PS3’s exclusives library is, I can see how some people would position it as one.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Morning SMS, Good Morning Messages

“ You hav 70% beauty. You are 75% sweet. You are 85% naughty. You are 90% cute. You are 100% lovely. Totally. 70+75+85+90+100 = UR 420...good night.”

“ ':., ,*, ,/;
".;;.,('v' ),/;;
".;;( );;"
i send A SWEET BIRD!
Knocking at ur window
just 2 say
Gudmrng.. ”

“ Dnt go 4luks dey cn decieve,
Dnt go 4wealth even dat fades away.
Go 4 sum1 who makes you sMiLe
Only a sMiLe makes a dArk dAy seem BrigHT..
'GooD MORNIng'! ”


“Hi, friend i am coming to meet u
in the way of light
just to vist and say
good morning ”

“ Be the sky above you,
blue Soft be the road below you,

Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.

Good Morning.”

“ No shadows to depress u,
only joys to surround u,
friends to luv u,
and God himself to bless u.
These r my wishes for today,
tomorrow & everyday.
Good Morning…!!”

“ Chahe ghussa karo,
Chahe galiyan do,
chahe sir pito,
Chahe mobile toro,
chahe ghar ka saman bikhair do

Hum tu isi time GOOD MORNING kahenge ”

“ ?It is a
M”ind touching”
L”ong lasting”
E”ffect which Wins the hearts..
Yes..Its your “SWEET SMILE”
So Keep smiling always, good morning!”

“ Morning time a cup of hot hello,
A plate of crispy wishes,
A spoon of sweet smiles &
A slice of great success specially for u…
Enjoy the day!!!!!!!!
Good Morning”

“ Sending u 1000 smiles take 1 for now &
Keep the remaining 999 under ur pillow,
Pick out 1 every morning coz
I want 2 see u smiling always. Good Morning”

“ One of the joys in life
is waking up each day
with thoughts that somewhere,
Someone cares enough to
send a warm morning greeting!
Good morning and enjoy the day!”

“ No man in this world is rich
enough to buy his own PAST.
Enjoy each moment
before it gets beyond reach.
Have Good Day!

“ An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on your face,
A cup of coffee in your hand & a sms from me on your mobile?!
Have a great day! Good morning.”

“ Early this morning God gave me 3 baskets of fruits
and told me 2 share them with PPL Dear 2 me.
I’m sharing all with U…

Good Morning!”

“ M-ake the most of it.
O-pen your heart and mind.
R-emember to thank God.
N-ever frown
I-magine me
N-othing to worry.
G-ood Morning!

Wish you have nice day & ofcourse good morning:)”

“ All mornings are like Paintings:-
U need a little inspiration to get going,
a little smile to brighten up
An SMS from someone who cares to color ur day…

(*) Good Morning (*)”

“ Hi,now i am coming to meet u…
in the way of sun light…
in the way of sweet breeze…
in the way of good wishes…
just to say good morning…”

“ subah sham teri yaad aati hai,
saari saari raat jagati hai,
karne ko to kar loon phone tujhe
par ek ladki hai jo balance kam batati hai. ”

“ Do ordinary 4 God,He will do extraordinary 4 U,Do natural 4 God,He will do Supernatural 4 U,Do possible 4 God,He'll do wat is impossible 4 U,Take Care, gud

Good Morning with Good Quotes

No man is worth a woman's tears and the one who is would never make her cry.

The things that people in love do to each other they remember, and if they stay together it's not because they forget, it's because they forgive.

I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love.

Love: Two minds without a single thought.

Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

If i get ur smile,i dont need flowers,if i hear ur voice i dont need music,if u speak to me i dont need anybody,if u r my friend i dont need the word "miss u "

One stone is enough 2 break a glass,1 sentence is enough 2 break heart,1 second is enough 2 fall in love & one friend is enough to spend a life

Good friend hard to find harder to leave impossible to forget

Medicines & Friendships both cure problems. Only diff is that friendship do not have an expiry date, no price no dosage.

When friendship is deeply rooted, it is a plant that cannot even be uprooted by a storm....

Marsalis (Face 358)

Unexpected break in service.

It's hard to keep up with all of these faces at the moment. Illustration jobs are taking over again. I'm going to try to post one today if I can get it finished. In the meantime I've updated my portfolio site with new work and I finally got the shop up and running with two new screenprints. More to come soon...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby News, Astro Tripper, Crimson Sea 2, and Three New TV Shows

Baby: Took the wife into our local medical center today following our appointment at the OB. Nothing alarming or dangerous, but the doc felt that a little observation would be prudent. We canceled our afternoon plans and spent some time at the labor and delivery center, but it wasn't quite time for our little boy to make his appearance. The wife is resting comfortably, and no further news to report at the moment.
Games: Spent a fun couple of hours playing PomPom's Astro Tripper on the PS3. A download available for $5, it's a colorful, slightly abstract shooter similar to one of my favorites on 360 Arcade, Mutant Storm Reloaded.

It appears simple at first, but there is a nice level of depth to it without being overwhelming. Recommended.
Without having anything else really juicy to sink my teeth into, I hit my to-play stack and came up with Crimson Sea 2, from Koei. I'm not at all a fan of their infinite Dynasty Warriors games, but I had an okay time with Devil Kings and I was willing to give this one a shot since it's more about aliens and guns than a cast of characters from Asian history. Although it's really simple and straightforward (and the camera friggin’ bites) it's not bad… there's something intrinsically rewarding about taking out hordes of aliens and leveling up equipment, and I greatly appreciate a game that includes a rapid-fire function so I don't need to kill my thumb. It's keeping me busy enough, though I will say that I'm glad I only paid $10 for it…

u R not Tuff-E-Nuff!!
the character design is pretty atrocious, though. More than a few times, I thought I'd be more into the experience if the characters looked more Sci-fi and less period-costume fruity.
TV: Had a little bit of downtime over the weekend and spent it with the wife catching up on some shows that we've been recording.
Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire: I never intended to watch this, but I saw a commercial as I was passing by the living room and after being disappointed with Legend of the Seeker for being dreadfully serious, I figured I'd give it a spin. What the hell, right? Glad I did-- I found it to be pretty hilarious for the most part.

pretty damned funny
Basically, it's a sword and sorcery satire in the vein of Hercules or Xena, but more parodic than both of those. Although a few of the jokes bomb pretty hard, the characters are cast well and there's a good mix of personalities. I think the sorcerer character still needs some work and the evil overlord needs to tighten up a little bit here and there, but I've added this one to my regular DVR rotation.
Harper’s Island: Over the last few years, the wife and I have really been disappointed that television programming has continued to bring series after series that are planned as indefinite runs. It's not bad with sitcoms or the occasional drama such as ER, but I'm a strong believer in having a beginning, a middle, and an end. It's hard to sustain suspense or energy in a show when the writers have no clue how long they need to keep an arc going for. Heroes, anyone?

Harper’s Island is a murder-mystery taking place on a fictional island off the coast of Washington where a wedding is taking place. However, everyone seems to hold at least a few secrets and the people attending the ceremony are being murdered, one by one. Although I wasn't exactly too impressed with the first two episodes I watched, the big draw for me is that this is a finite series-- it's been announced from the start that it will only run for a certain number of episodes, and the mystery will be wrapped up at the end. The simple fact that I *know* everything will be over and done by the time the final episode roles makes it a little easier to watch (although it’s certainly not terrible) and if nothing else, I certainly want to support more efforts like this. The UK’s been doing this for ages and winning awards with the content… it's about time we finally caught on ourselves.
Parks & Recreation: The new sitcom from the creators of The Office starring SNL’s Amy Poehler, the show is about a woman who works for the Parks Department and is currently trying to get a giant, open pit filled in and turned into a play area for kids. It's a shot in a style exactly like The Office; the characters often speak directly to the camera, the viewer is supposed to get the sense that the cameraman is a person following the actors along on a kind of documentary, and so on. The characters are also very Office-like. Each one is quirky in their own way, and some of the dialogue is very painfully-awkward in an attempt to elicit laughter.

freshness fail
To be perfectly frank, I love The Office, but The Office is already The Office, and I don't need another one. What's happening on Parks & Recreation is far too similar to the hijinks at Dunder-Mifflin (or the newly-founded Michael Scott Paper Company) and as I watched each episode, I couldn't help but get the feeling that Poehler was constantly doing a Steve Carell impersonation. The pauses, the double takes… it all just feels completely recycled and stale. I gave this a red light and took it off the DVR recording schedule. Sorry, but lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interview with: Terry Cavanagh, creator of Don't Look Back

Games: A few weeks ago, a Twitter acquaintance hipped me to a small indie game called Don’t Look Back. Although I am a big fan of small titles, I’m also console to the core… this has historically been a bit of conflict, although less so now that we've got so many download services available. However, DLB came highly recommended, so I put up with using the arrow keys and space bar for a little while, and walked away quite impressed.

Thankfully, the game's creator was willing to speak with me for a bit about himself and his work. If you haven't played Don’t Look Back yet, you can play through the entire experience for free right HERE. It only takes about twenty minutes to complete if you don't die too often, and I guarantee that finding something that packs as much into such a short span of time will be tough to do.

the man himself
So, go check it out, and then come back to read what supercool dev Terry Cavanagh’s got to say. Go ahead, I'll wait.
(And just for you stickers out there, heads-up that there is something of a spoiler in this interview… you've been warned!)
Hi Terry, thanks very much for speaking with me. For starters, what can you tell me about yourself?
Well, let's see... My name's Terry Cavanagh, I'm 25, living in Dublin, Ireland. I've been making small games as a hobby for about as long as I can remember.
I studied Maths in college, then spent about a year and a half working as a market risk analyst. I tried to continue making games in my spare time, but I figured that if game design was ever going to more than a hobby for me I'd have to take a chance. So about a year ago I quit the job and I got a loan, and I've been living on that and making games full time ever since.

There is a very striking sense of tone and atmosphere in DLB, and you accomplish a lot with only a little. How hard was it to design the game and maintain the sense of foreboding and menace?
I think the style I decided to go for made it easy to define how I wanted the game to feel. I guess I never felt like I was limited by only having four colours - if anything, having a strict constraint like that made it simple to give certain areas a different feel, which I could do by making very small changes like removing a colour or using the sprite colour in the background.
What I did find hard was composing the soundtrack - it always takes me ages to write music that I'm happy with. I tried a lot of different things before I got a sound that felt right for the game - my first attempt was all wrong; using PC Speaker music. I tried some acoustic guitar stuff after that, but that didn't really feel right either. After hearing the World of Goo soundtrack I decided to try something with 80s synths, and from there eventually ended up just using strings, which I think suits the game's feel pretty well.
The ending is surprisingly weighty and poignant, yet still a bit vague… exactly what happens in the final scene?
The entire game is a fantasy. When the player reaches the end, he is confronted with reality, and the fantasy disappears. He never leaves the grave.

What were your goals with DLB, and do you feel like you accomplished them?
Well, the game basically came about from combining two ideas that I've wanted to use in a game for years, but had trouble finding a place for before.
The first, and main idea was to make a game where the actual gameplay is a fantasy, as a metaphor for something else that's happening to the player.
The other separate idea was wanting to make a game that set itself up as a silly shooter or something like that, and redeem it with a left turn that put all of your previous actions into a new, far more interesting context. I came up with the idea of retelling the Orpheus and Eurydice story while thinking about possible ways to do this, and even made a couple of attempts to make a game with this idea - none of them every really felt right to me, though, so I ended up scrapping them.
It didn't occur to me that I could combine the two ideas until I started working on a totally unrelated project for a 48hr Mini Ludum Dare contest, which had the themes "Minimalist" and "Monochrome". I was prototyping a lot of different games at the time, but as soon as I'd come up with this I dropped everything and spent about a month working on nothing else.
My goal was to finally do something with those two ideas, so even just in that respect I'm very, very happy with how it turned out! But more than that, I feel like the fantasy theme brought something new to the Orpheus and Eurydice story of self doubt that only a game could.

Really, I couldn't be happier with the result.
What are you working on now, and what goals do you have for yourself as a developer?
I've just finished Judith with Stephen Lavelle, and right now I'm just looking forward to Ludum Dare this weekend, heh.
I guess after that I'm hoping to finish off a few more of my flash prototypes - two in particular seem most promising right now; a strategy/puzzle game based on the rules of Overload called Detonate...

...and a sort-of RPG that I'm working on with Tumbledrop creator Hayden Scott-Baron.

the sort-of RPG
After that I don't know for certain; I'm considering working on something new for this year's IGF.
If you could have any job in the industry right now, where would you be,who would you be working for, and what would you be doing?
What I'd really love is to be involved in some kind of set up like the Flashbang guys - to be in a small group of developers working on a lot of short, interesting games. The idea of working for a really big company, contributing some small part to a massive project - it really doesn't appeal to me.
Unfortunately there don't seem to be a lot of other game developers in Dublin, so for that to happen I guess I'll have to move somewhere else.
Favorite games?
I got into the DROD series in a big way last year - particularly The City Beneath. I can't wait for the next installment! Other games I've enjoyed recently... hmm - I guess World of Goo, Jumpman, Mirror Stage, Teppomanto, Dead Like Ants, Space Phallus, Exploit, Spelunky, to name a few.
I really want to play Braid (I have a feeling I'll like it), but unfortunately my laptop can't handle it!
Favorite developers?
I think my favourite developer is probably Adam Cadre. It's a shame that he seems to have lost interest in writing interactive fiction... I'm also a big fan of Lysander's RPGs, Nifflas' adventure games, and pretty much anything by Stephen Lavelle or Cactus.
The eternal GameCritics question: games as art? Discuss.
Yeah! Honestly, I don't think this really needs to be debated anymore. It's long been settled, hasn't it?
Indeed it has, Terry. Indeed it has.
Infinite thanks to Terry Cavanagh for taking the time, and also for letting me partake of his superb game. For more info on Terry and his work, go HERE.
Keep an eye on this guy... he's one to watch.